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Vox Edge LLC

Vox Edge LLC


Computers & Telecommunications Cable Installer VOIP Cable/TV Distribution Telecommunications/Equipment


VoxEdge was founded in 2015 by two BCRCC members, Justin Bennett of Mohawk Computers and Mike Bimmer of MB Solutions. Noted for our extraordinary customer service we formed VoxEdge to bring that service to the telecommunications industry. Our goal is to solve your phone issues so you can get on with your daily routine. We can help you update your equipment with a plan to get a fast ROI through savings on your current phone bill. Our system will improve employee productivity, make your organization look bigger than you are, minimize costs and time when adding employees, and although there are many advanced features, your system will be upgraded instantly at no cost when new features are introduced.

In 2015 Justin Bennett and Mike Bimmer saw a need for phone service that would adapt to the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age. Their solution became VoxEdge. VoxEdge’s goal is to bring customer service to the telecommunications industry and provide continuous phone service wherever and whenever a business needs it. Some businesses have complicated and expensive PBX systems that limit how they do business. If service goes down it means lost or interrupted business while service is restored. In contrast, VoxEdge offers cost-effective, convenient, and reliable VoIP phone service. VoIP allows you to have calls routed to your office, home office, cell phone or globally with just one phone number for your customer to keep track of. Voice mail can be forwarded to your cell phone or Email. VoxEdge offers increases in outside lines incrementally instead of in bulk. VoIP is 20% -60% more economical than non-VoIP systems. VoxEdge is priced for small businesses in South Jersey, but is built to scale up as your business grows. VoxEdge is built to fit your business, saving you money and allowing you to stay connected so you can focus on conducting your business without the distraction of telecommunications complications.


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